01. BALI

Beach holidays are my favourite kind of getaway – where the sun, sand and sea seem to live in perfect harmony. I just love the feeling of fresh air on my face and wind blowing through my hair. I can just imagine myself burying my feet in the cool and soft sandy beach whilst listening to the solid waves fold over the other and brush neatly against my ankles. Oh! The delight!

I am grateful for the opportunity to stay at the fine and luxurious resort in Bali, the Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay with my partner, W. I did a hefty load of research on interesting places of visit and activities to explore as Bali was my first trip without the guidance of parents. By the end of my research and planning, our 5-day itinerary was packed and I was excited to embark on my adventure.


Upon our arrival at the resort,  we were greeted by a beautiful array of colours. The staff were really friendly and helpful. I simply loved that the reception was facing a vast blue sea. I was at awe of the beauty surrounding the resort. I whipped out my phone and began snapping pictures of scenery. Here are some of my favourite shots.

IMG_2926 Bali1

IMG_2931 IMG_2942E

W and I had taken the early morning flight that day and by the time we arrived at the resort, we were starving. We dawdled down to Sundara to have our lunch. The view was absolutely breathtaking (however, I hear the view at sunset is better)! Similarly it faced the vast blue sea but from a distance, we could see the airplanes take-off from the runway and touch down at the airport. It was undeniably comforting to watch. The food was just as awesome as the view!

IMG_2936 IMG_2937

After our satisfying lunch at Sundara, we made our way down to the Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort & Spa. We read several reviews that the Rock Bar is a must-go. The queue at the Rock Bar was long and priority entrance will be given to those who are staying at Ayana. I would recommend dressing light as it can get pretty warm as the sun sets. However, I guarantee that it is worth the wait – and warmth. Alternatively, if queuing is not quite your cup of tea, you could try the Kisik Bar and Grill! I read that it is similar to the Rock Bar, but there would be no need for waiting. However, the Rock Bar serves only light snacks and drinks, whilst, the Kisik Bar and Grill serves full meals.

While waiting for our ride down to the Rock Bar by the elevator, we could see a school of fish swimming in the vast blue sea. You could see the sky change in colour and birds swooping across the sky. It felt so soothing that the warmth didn’t seem to matter thereafter. My evening spent at the Rock Bar was definitely worth it. The sunset was absolutely stunning! It was hands down one of my favourite sunsets!
IMG_2957 IMG_2959

IMG_2965 IMG_2967  IMG_2984 IMG_2992



W and I spent our second day enjoying our villa. We had our own private pool which I loved soaking in and watching the fluffy cotton candy clouds float by – indeed an awesome way to relax and unwind. We stayed in the beautiful One-Bedroom Villa which consisted of an outdoor dining area, a private pool, bedroom, washroom with double vanity counter and an outdoor shower. It was indeed a delightful Balinese retreat.

PICT0022 PICT0025


We headed down by the resort’s buggy to Jimbaran Beach for our grilled seafood dinner. There are many grilled seafood stores along Jimbaran Beach selling the same kind of seafood at around the same price. I would recommend taking your pick carefully as some stores don’t seem to look as clean or sell fresh seafood. I am definitely a seafood lover and clean and fresh crustaceans matter. I don’t remember the name of the store we dined at, but the food and ambience was exquisite. We were seated facing a scenic view of the sea and of course, the sunset. We coupled our seafood order with Bintang. I’m usually not a beer person but I found Bintang to be light and fluffy. Delectable.

IMG_3006 IMG_3019 IMG_3013 IMG_3020


It was our snorkeling trip! We awoke early that day for our pick-up to Tulamben, famous for its ship wreck. In 1942, a US Army Transport ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Our snorkeling expedition was arranged with the Blue Season Bali. Each group had an instructor guiding and looking out for their assigned team. Full snorkeling equipment, food and water are provided as well. The instructors are friendly and attentive to each individual. I absolutely adore sea life and being out at sea. However, I suffer from motion sickness. Our instructor was careful to not push anyone too far out. He had even brought out a life jacket just in case – a life jacket which I held on to most of the trip. It’s not that I can’t swim though. My excuse would be that I’m not used to the tides. Haha. Snorkeling at Tulamben was pleasing. The waters were clear and I could see eels wriggling on the sea bed and colourful fishes by corals. Sadly, W’s underwater camera didn’t capture images of the sprightly sea life. So here’s a couple of me swimming in the clear blue water and holding on to the life jacket on my left hand and W’s hand with my right. Bliss. 🙂  The third is a selfie whilst on our way back to the resort during peak hour.

PICT0064 PICT0065



We started our day with taking a trip down to the Jimbaran Fish Market for our grilled seafood breakfast. Most of their catch are freshly brought in from the sea. In order to have mouth-watering grilled seafood, simply buy your pick from any store in the market. Thereafter, take your purchases to any grilled seafood shops at the side of the road. The shop owners will grill the seafood for you at a cost. There may be differing costs between the stores.

There were hardworking fishermen reeling their catch onto shore. Some of the fishes caught were nearly as big as I. The crustaceans were really big too.

IMG_3047 IMG_3054 IMG_3060 IMG_3065 IMG_3072

After our breakfast, we grabbed a cab down to Kuta where we walked around for the whole day. I bought myself a fan and found one other that was once again as big as I. My sister had recommended dining at Made’s Warung at Kuta, which we did. The food was good, although a little too dry for my taste. Kuta was amazing but it was a bit touristy for a relaxing getaway.


To commemorate our last night at Bali, we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The food and music played was great and lively. I would definitely recommend coming to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Our short getaway to Bali was nothing short of amazing. By the end of it, I was sad to leave. I would definitely come back again and venture to other parts of Bali.

Thank you Bali for your kind hospitality.