I have always found Wanderlust Hotel to be a pretty little boutique along Dickson Road. Having dined at the restaurant, Cocette snuggly situated at the lobby of the hotel several times with my family, I have found the interior to be excitingly quirky and always wanted to book a stay in one the rooms.

So the occasion came swiftly for W’s birthday, and I decided to book a room at the hotel. Excited as I was, I went straight to the Wanderlust Hotel’s official webpage and began hunting down on the different room categories. There are a whole range ranging from the Pantone, Pantone Deluxe, Mono, Mono Deluxe and Whimsical. The interior of each room are different. After understanding the different room categories, I browsed through the pictures posted by patrons on TripAdvisor. I trust TripAdvisor as it holds a wider range of genuine illustrations of the hotel giving me a better understanding of the sights and sounds.

I chose the Whimsical as it is a studio loft and mostly because I didn’t take liking to the colour tones in the first four categories. Having said that, Whimsical has six different room designs to choose from; ASCII, Bling Room, Blue Spaceship, Red Spaceship, Treehouse and Typewriter. I requested for the Typewriter by calling in to the hotel about a month before check-in. All Whimsical room types comes with a standalone shower area complete with rain shower and hand-held shower head, a large bath tub, safe box, a cute living area, Nespresso coffee machine and a flight of stairs up to the bedroom!



This stay was to celebrate W’s birthday and I wanted to surprise him even though I am bad at them. I decided to tell him part of the truth that I had arranged a stay and made dinner plans at Cocotte. However, what he didn’t know was I had arranged a large slice chocolate cake for him a month before we checked-in. Further to that, I had arranged a bottle of red (Baron Philippe De Rothschild, Mapu Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Maipo Valley Chile) to be placed in my room a day before check-in. Neither of us had tried this brand of red, however upon consumption we found it to be incredibly smooth and light. The smell was evenly fragrant. It was a really good wine!


In order to arrange a bottle of wine in my room, I called the hotel’s front office to send me a copy of the wine menu a day before we checked-in and also requested for a recommendation. I was supposed to pay for the bottle of wine prior to my arrival but because my schedule could not accommodate, they allowed me to pay upon check-out. I must say, the service was great and the staff were helpful and understanding. 🙂

The interior within the hotel was quirky yet has a touch of beauty to it. After checking in, we decided to check out the jacuzzi located on the second floor of the hotel. The area surrounding the jacuzzi was nicely decorated with comfortable rocking chairs and cute little plastic elephant stools. It was truly a relaxing area. However, the water in the jacuzzi was a bit too cold and when we asked the staff if they could warm it up a bit, we were told the temperature was fixed. It was a bit of a bummer. Nevertheless, a relaxing area to grab a book to read or hang out with good company!





Dinner at Cocotte was extraordinary. I simply love the interior! It was quirky and uniquely modern. I felt at home at Cocotte. It is French dining at its best!

The Poulet Roti: whole roasted chicken served with potatoes, long beans and pan gravy The chicken is so soft and tender. It melts in your mouth with every bite! Sooo good!! (Note* the whole chicken needs to be pre-ordered at least a day before!)
Mussels steamed with white wine, swiss chard & fennel cream. The sauce was savory. You’d have to drink it all up to feel complete. :p

After having the whole roasted chicken and mussels, W and I were happily full and contented. Just then, W’s surprise arrived!

A large slice of chocolate cake personalised with birthday greetings!


I booked a room rate inclusive of breakfast for two. We trudged down to Cocotte to have our breakfast. It was just as good as our dinner! I decided to go healthy and ordered muesli, whereas W had the bacon with eggs.

Our stay at Wanderlust Hotel was amazing. The interior of my room was great, although I would suggest to be careful with the flight of steps leading up to the bedroom as it was a little steep. Our two meals at Cocotte was savory and I would definitely be back to dine!


Until then!