My birthday is significant to me. Perhaps, due to it being near the start of every new year and I like to start a new year with a bang. My birthday must be equally exciting. Yes, it does mean I’m growing older, but I like to think of it as becoming wiser and more knowledgeable. I believe that gaining new knowledge or improving a skill is a never-ending process, and I’m truly excited to do so! Growing up, also means having more responsibilities to undertake and more hurdles to overcome – but really, in my opinion, it’s a part and parcel; I can’t run or hide from it, I may as well embrace it with open arms. Birthdays are also an occasion for bonding time with the people who hold dearly to my heart.

This year, my birthday celebration was mostly planned by W. He refused to share our plans for the day exclaiming, “it’s a surprise! If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise!”. My bum was itching to find out the surprise(s) he had in store for me, but I just left it as it is, eagerly awaiting for the day. The only thing I had planned was lunch with my loving family and W at..


Tucked neatly away at a corner on the first level of the mall, closer to the Hilton Hotel, stood Jamie’s Italian. I had booked Jamie’s Italian as my mother was really keen to dine, and hey, a birthday isn’t always about me. It’s mostly about the people who unconditionally loves and tirelessly raised me, so I was very happy to submit to her request. The restaurant was nicely decorated. It felt like I was watching Jamie Oliver’s kitchen on television. The ambience was cool and inviting. The staff were welcoming and eager to help and the food, adequate. The thing I really liked about this place was the quirky types of tea. That would be a must-have! Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of the tea, but here are some images of the food.

After we had stomachs filled with food, several of the staff surprised me with a birthday cake secretly bought by my family from the Hilton Hotel bakery. They sang ‘Happy Birthday‘ loudly with a twist. I nearly jumped out of my seat! I was so touched yet a little shocked!IMG_7165


After lunch, W and I trotted and fought our way through the crowd in town. He disclosed he was bringing me for a stay at Lloyd’s Inn. I was excited as I have always wanted a stay at Lloyd’s Inn having seen images of the sophisticated and modern architecture.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with lush greens and a small yet inviting pool. There were a couple of sun beds by the pool. It looked like an ideal location to simply relax and unwind. W had booked the Big Skyroom complete with an outdoor shower with a bath tub, semi-outdoor toilet and an odd looking study area (just up the flight steps shown in the image below). I loved the design of the toiletries. There was just so much detail at every corner of the room. It was functional and definitely an ideal getaway for anyone whether on a leisurely or business-like trip. It’s about a 10-minute walk from Somerset MRT, and just off the hustle and bustle of town. Even though, there is no restaurant within the hotel, food and drinks are quite conveniently located about 3-minutes away on foot! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Lloyd’s Inn and I would recommend a stay here. I wouldn’t mind coming back to stay too! 😀


I am a die-hard Apple-fan. Most of my appliances I own are products of Apple. If Apple released a camera, I’m sure I would have saved up for it. Hehe. Same goes, when Apple released the watch locally, I went down to the stores to check it out and made up my mind to save up for one. W knew I was saving up for the watch, surprised me with one for my birthday. Yes, I broke into tears of joy. I also felt a little guilty as the watch is costly.


In any case, here is a run-through of the watch.

The packaging was a solid white box and the watch was delicately packed within it. Unboxing it, I noticed the sturdiness of the refined packaging. There were layers and layers of wrapping to be unwrapped before reaching it. The watch (I’m not saying this because I’m a die-hard Apple-fan) but sat sparkling and shiny in the box. The watch is connected by bluetooth with an Apple product, in my case, an iPhone. There are several functions of the watch, such as notifying the wearer of any messages and calls, road navigation, and the usual check of calories burnt. I can even check emails and Instagram with the watch. Personally, some of the other more interesting functions are the Heart Rate monitor and enabling me to control my camera application on my phone. For instance, starting the camera application on my phone will signal the watch to react the same way. It acts as a selfie stick, allowing me to prop my phone at a distance without the need of the timer, I can press a button on my watch, and a picture will be taken and saved to my camera roll! How efficient is that?

Some of the functions are the same as other smart watches. But I like Apple products as there is care given during the process of designing any of their products. It’s sleek, smart and user-friendly. What’s there not to love about apple? It is also said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! :p


My next surprise was dinner at the Fat Cow at Camden Medical Centre along Orchard Boulevard. We have read countless good reviews of the Japanese inspired steakhouse. The service was excellent and the staff who served us spoke as though he knew his food as well as the restaurant’s signature dishes really well. Steaks go best with red wine, so we ordered a glass each.

Raw ice-cold slices of Japanese beef with sudachi and sea salt


The dishes looked appetizing. However, I felt that the taste and texture of the meat was lost in the preparation. I couldn’t really taste the sweetness of beef. It just kind of got drowned in the sauces. A little disappointing, but nevertheless the service and ambience of the restaurant made up for it.

My birthday celebration was indeed a joyful one filled with so much love! I look forward to embark and improve on knowledge and skills!

Until then!