I was looking for a quick, relaxing and affordable getaway and found Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour located at Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia. We travelled by WTS Travels & Tours bus booked from easybook online. The bus picked W and I from Big Box at Jurong East and dropped us off at Hello Kitty Town. The bus ride was not more than an hour as we had travelled during non-peak hour. From the drop-off point at Hello Kitty Town was not more than a 3-minutes walk to the hotel.

Upon arrival at Hello Kitty Town, we noticed it was pretty quiet except for the The Monsoon Cup that took place at the Harbour. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the breath-taking view and breeze of the Harbour. Walking through Hello Kitty Town was great, however, I am not one with Hello Kitty or Sanrio characters. I wasn’t too psyched about the stores leading to Hotel Jen. On the flipside, there were many food & beverage eateries leading to the hotel! We were excited to dine at any of the many eateries!

We had booked a 3-day stay in the standard Deluxe Room under the We Are One package where you pay an addition of $1 for a room upgrade to the next category (subject to availability) and complimentary breakfasts! I was ecstatic when we were granted the room upgrade to the Deluxe Harbour View room as I have read reviews of patrons seeing sunrises from their rooms. Sadly, as we had travelled during Monsoon season, it rained on all two of the mornings we were there.

The Deluxe Harbour View room was beautifully decorated with earthy tones. Really relaxing. It had a large and comfortable sofa seated against a large window with a breath-taking view of the Harbour. There were quite a few yachts parked at the docks. I just loved the lush greens and the view of the sea from my room. Captivating and relaxing – just what we need! The spacious bathroom came with a standalone shower and a single vanity counter.


The facilities in the hotel were just as good! My favourite facility was the infinity pool on highest level of the hotel. There were a number of deck chairs by the pool where patrons can sun tan and enjoy a panoramic view of the Harbour. Simply delightful! The SkyBar, Bar & Restaurant is also located on the same floor as the pool. Patrons can order finger food and drinks by the pool (just as long as you don’t take it down the pool with you. Hehe).


On the first day, I was enjoying on a cup of Classic Mojito while reading a book and getting lightly toasted. Just as I was enjoying the sun, the dark clouds floated by and it poured heavily throughout the day! However, for the remainder of our stay, the sun was out on full force. Yay to slightly tanned me! I spent most of my stay at Hotel Jen at the infinity pool as it was just soooo relaxing.




The Harbour Cafe is located at the lobby of Hotel Jen and on Fridays and Saturdays (from 6.30pm to 10pm) of every week, and serving the seafood buffet! The seafood was absolutely delish! The seafood tasted really fresh and sweet. It was oh, so good!

Apart  from the seafood, the buffet served a wide spread of other dishes as well, such as roasted beef, dim sum, sushi, fish ball noodle with soup and other cooked dishes. There was also an interesting array of desserts that any sweet-tooth will love! There was even a chocolate fondue fountain! I sincerely recommend the seafood buffet dinner! A must-have!


Upon check-in, we were given 100 RM rebate for a spa treatment each and arranged for two 90-minute deep tissue massages. Each treatment originally costs 180 RM each. We requested for a couple room. Our treatment room was nicely decorated and inviting. Our treatment room was connected to our own bathroom. As you can see in the image below, there are two shower heads in the shower area. Kinda quirky. W and I like going for spa treatments, but we usually never had much luck with them. The spa treatment we had weren’t soothing. However, the spa at Hotel Jen was amazing! I usually don’t ever fall asleep during treatment. This time, however, was different. I slept like a baby throughout. The treatment was soothing, I really didn’t want it stop! After the treatment, my body felt light and relieved. Incredibly good! W felt the same way. He was really pleased with his treatment.


There are many pubs located by the Harbour. There are several staircases leading down from the Hello Kitty stores. W and I walked through the whole stretch of bars before deciding to dine at the Dine Restaurant & The Single Cask Bar. It’s a neat bar located somewhere in the middle of the long stretch of bars. The drinks served were beautifully and passionately decorated, and the food was exquisite. Moreover, the ambience of the pub was comforting. The music played complemented the experience even more!

I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour. Impeccable service. Beautiful rooms and facilities. I feel that Jen has an edge now. It’s quirkily pleasing. I look forward to more stays with Hotel Jen!

Cheers to more stays with Hotel Jen!

& until then!