My featured image is not as it seems, I’m currently still a ‘Miss‘. Hotel Jen Tanglin, formerly known as the Traders Hotel, is quirkily designed – modern yet funky. I personally feel that most of the designs within the hotel nicely captured the history of Traders Hotel. There were quirky road signs hung on walls and cute wooden benches in front of the reception. In my opinion, it was a nice mix of the old and new.

W and I had planned for a short weekend together, as we wanted to celebrate our anniversary. W was also going away for two months and we wanted to spend as much time together before he jets off. Having enjoyed our stay at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, we decided on our stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin. We’ve read positive reviews of the seafood buffet at J65, Chinese cuisine at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen and the quirkily designed rooms. We were pumped and excited for our short, local weekend getaway.


On the day of check-in, W had arrived before me as I was at work. He helped snap pictures of the room as well as the pool.

This was our view from our room. A sofa is placed against the window such that you could sit by it and watch the world go by. It was quite a serene experience. One that I truly enjoyed.
HELLO! I’ m a clothes rack!
A sofa by the window.
A large comfy bed with nicely painted murals on the wall. I simply love the texture of the wall. It’s kinda homely. 
The washroom room is a bit small. But, the design is lovely.
The pool is quite large and as far as I know, different from other pools at Hotel Jen. The Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Singapore and Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour both have infinity pools. This pool however, is larger. You could do laps in them.

Apparently, W had informed them that we were celebrating our anniversary and we found these in our mini bar.

W picked me up after work and we drove down to the hotel. Free parking is valid for in-house guests!! Simply, ask the reception for the parking coupon upon check-out!

We went straight up to our room to drop off my baggage and I was greeted by a large and colourful bouquet of flowers. Lucky is I. 🙂


Ah Hoi’s Kitchen

After investigating my pretty bouquet of flowers, we walked down hand-in-hand to Ah Hoi’s kitchen for dinner. We usually use the Entertainer App for better value. We have found the app useful in helping us save more while giving us better value. The promotion we had at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen is a 1-for-1 main dish (the second main dish must be of equal or of greater value).

The seafood lover in me just had to order Chili crab with fried mantou.
Sliced beef with peas and onions
Lamb chops

Dinner at Ah Hoi’s kitchen was savory. I enjoyed the chili crab. It tasted sweet and fresh. I really wouldn’t mind coming back to dine at Ah Hoi’s kitchen to try the other dishes!

Buffet Breakfast at J65

A vacation at any hotel wouldn’t be complete without trying their buffet breakfast. After all, it is said one should eat like a King for breakfast. As usual, we booked a room rate with breakfast for two.

So, we awoke early the next day to have breakfast. We were greeted by a large spread of food. The selection was so large, our stomachs were not big enough to try a bit of everything. Mostly, we feasted with our eyes not with our mouth. Haha. Even though the spread was large, I found the food to be delectable. It was quite good!

We wanted to hit the pool after an hour of post-breakfast, but it had begun to pour heavily. So we stayed in our room watching movies and later took a walk around Tanglin Mall. There is a sheltered walkway from the hotel to the mall. The mall is complete with a supermarket, a number of eateries, and a fine variety of beauty and boutique shops.

J65 Seafood Buffet

The seafood buffet is only available on Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 9.30pm. I wasn’t exactly blown by the spread of food. W had also personally called to make a reservation about a month before check-in, but somehow our reservation was misplaced. We managed to get a table outdoors instead. I’m perfectly alright with sitting outdoors. It just wasn’t very nice that our reservation was misplaced.

The cold seafood counter looked a bit sad. The oysters weren’t the freshest and also not the fattest. It was probably because the oysters are not in season. W read an article stating that oysters are the fattest and most juicy during winter. They have to keep well insulated, so they eat more before winter. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the lobster pincers! The lobster pincers were the fastest counter to clear. Of all the counters I’ve tried, I enjoyed the salad counter the most!

Having said that, J65’s buffet spread is adequate. I just hope the seafood at the cold seafood counter could be a little fresher, juicier and sweeter the next time I return.

I truly enjoyed my stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin. There were some hiccups during our stay, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it! I think, from now on, I’m gonna be a big fan of the Hotel Jen chain!


Until then!




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