09. BALI 2017

It has been awhile since I last posted an entry, but I’m back to write about my latest adventure to Bali!

My loving partner, W and I happened to spend Nyepi Day in Bali and it was such a serene experience.
Nyepi Day

Nyepi is a Balinese ‘Day of Silence’. It is a Hindu celebration mainly celebrated in Bali, and happens to be a public holiday. It is a day of silence, fasting and meditation for the Balinese. The Day is observed for 24-hours, starting at 6am and only ending the following day. During this time, all businesses and roads will be closed. Also, no one is allowed on the streets! Hotel guests are to stay within the premises only. When the sun sets, we are all to stay in the comfort of our rooms and have minimal lights on, or have our curtains drawn so light doesn’t stream out.

It may seem boring and a waste of time, but it really isn’t. During Nyepi Day, there was peace and quiet. There were no sounds of traffic or the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Bali. Being in this space and time was like pressing pause on a movie. Time literally stood still. I felt a great sense of calm and relief, sitting in the comfort of a deck chair by the pool within the premises of the hotel we stayed, whilst listening to the gush of the wind and the rustling of leaves on the branches of trees – bliss is the sound of nature.

So, if you’re having doubts about spending Nyepi Day in Bali, I would suggest to think again. As lights will be switched off all around Bali, stars will litter the night sky. Every inch of the vast night sky had a colony of stars. It was just amazing.


Montigo Resorts Seminyak, Bali

We spent our first two nights at the Montigo Resorts Seminyak. Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted by the friendly staff who welcomed us with a welcome drink along with a chilled and scented lemon grass face towel! It was so very refreshing! The bell man showed us to and gave us a tour our room thereafter. We had the fine opportunity to stay in the Executive Suite. My favourite part of the Suite had to be the patio as it has an artistically designed stoned walkway leading to a back door that can be used to access the resort’s public grounds. Apart from the patio, the king sized mattress in our room is just amazingly soft and snug. It hugged my body so well, that I slept like a baby for the two nights I was there. So comforting and relaxing!


Tiigo @ Montigo Resorts

We indulged in a 3-set Balinese lunch which had Gado Gado (I called it the ‘OCD Gado Gado’, as the ingredients were very nicely lined up), Bebek Goreng (Balinese crispy fried duck with rice) and a platter of assorted Balinese kueh. The food at Tiigo was good and I found the duck in Bebek Goreng crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. Although, the duck didn’t have much meat in it. Still, a very satisfying 3-course meal!

Our stay at Montigo was definitely amazing, the staff were friendly and genuine in their service. They really worked to ensure our stay was a comfortable one. Since we had stayed at Montigo through Nyepi Day, the staff at Montigo prepared a whole list of movies for their guest covering the whole 24-hour festival to keep us entertained! The Internet connection did seem a bit choppy and slow on Nyepi Day as well, but sped up once the festival was over.


Villa Nol @ Villa Nest

W and I stayed at Villa Nol at Villa Nest for 3 nights after Montigo. We booked Villa Nol via airbnb, as we read really good reviews from the previous guests. While looking for villas, W and I essentially looked for one with a private pool and bath tub, and hence found Villa Nol. The host, Awen, is a “super host” too! So that was an added plus!

The management of Villa Nest had arranged a complimentary pick up from Montigo to Villa Nol. The driver, Made was extremely nice and knowledgeable about the area surrounding our villa, whilst sharing with us on our drive over. We previously had trouble purchasing a local SIM card as stall holders sold them to us at a higher price at around 25,000rp (S$25). We didn’t buy it as we personally felt cheated. When we explained to Made, he offered to make a stop at one of the road side stalls selling local SIM cards and assisted in the purchase. The local SIM card cost 60,000rp (S$6). W and I were very impressed with Made. – The level of service was only just the beginning.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Awen and our daily cooks for breakfast. Awen took us on a tour around the villa. It is quite a big villa, mind, even more so for two petite individuals. The villa came with a well-stocked kitchen; cooking utilities, etc etc, a study area with a well-stocked book shelf with books and movies, a walk-in wardrobe, outdoor shower area, bath tub and a private pool! Oh, and not forgetting, daily complimentary laundry service. Oh, and it doesn’t just stop there, we were greeted each with a bowl of homemade mango sorbet and freshly squeezed orange juice! Now, that is what I call wow-factor. Worth every cent we paid for the villa.

Each day, the cooks will ask us what time we would prefer to have breakfast the following morning. Before the said time, the cooks will come in and prepare our breakfast. So when we come out from our room, breakfast will be ready on the dining table and ready for our stomachs.

This was breakfast for us on the first morning, they cooked so much food, it covered all our three meals!!

This was breakfast on our second day. I requested for something Balinese and they cooked Balinese chicken porridge for me, which was really good!!

At the end of our stay at Villa Nol, we were extremely reluctantly to leave. The staff made us feel at home and so welcome. I would love to return to stay with them again. Perhaps, grab a couple of friends with me to stay at their other villas.


The Spicery Deli & Bistro @ Seminyak Square

We had our first meal in Bali at The Spicery Deli & Bistro. The food was adequate, but the ambience was amazing. I had ordered a cup of soy cappuccino as I felt really tired after waking up early to catch the flight to Bali. The soy cappuccino was an instant perk-me-up and I felt instantly energised. It was also one of the better coffees I’ve had in a while!


Kisik Bar & Grill @ Ayana Resort & Spa

Two years ago, W and I spent an evening at the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort & Spa, where we witnessed the most beautiful sunset, ever. Two years on, W reserved a table prior to our arrival in Bali at the Kisik Bar & Grill at Ayana Resort & Spa for proper food, and in hopes that we would witness another beautiful sunset. However, as it was monsoon season, and it rained and drizzled in the day, dark and angry clouds laced the vast grey-tinged sky. We thought we’d never be able to witness a sunset until we were greeted with this spectacular view! Although, the sunset was a little sadder than two years ago, but hey, still really pretty!

The food at Kisik Bar & Grill was adequate and a little pricey, but the ambience and sounds of water crashing against the rocks below was soothing. It was calming to see waves of water fold over one another, and how the sun, sand and sea seem to all come together as one. A perfect combination. Also, what followed after was even better!

Soooo. About the service. – Well, the service was exceptional. We were served by a guy named, Wade, who was very enthusiastic, helpful and friendly. He was quite exceptional, really. I honestly didn’t think too much about it then. But he did keep hopping by our table to check on W and I. He also offered to take many pictures of us against the backdrop of the ocean or the restaurant, or us sitting by our table. The pictures taken were shot from all sorts of angles and I have a whole library of them. I noticed that Wade called us “Mr” & “Mrs” once , and W frowned a bit. I really didn’t think too much of it as well, as I worked in service previously and it is normal for a service staff to address “Mr & Mrs”. Wade sounded a bit sheepish after but he made a good recovery.

Before sunset, W made an excuse to head to the loo, and I didn’t think too much of that either – I mean, what’s wrong with using the loo? He did take a bit longer than usual to come back from the loo, so I got a bit worried and my eyes scouted around the restaurant for him.. & that was one I saw him walking over to me with a bouquet of flowers. He proposed, and I said yes. 🙂

The feeling is still so surreal, but I can’t help but feel extremely blessed to have found such an amazing partner. He isn’t just my partner. But he is also my best friend, my soulmate and my best confidante. I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure with you. 🙂

That said, I guess, I was the restaurant’s VIP that day. Heh. Still, service was exceptional! – Wade was exceptional too! Special thanks to him for running the extra mile for us!


Made’s Warung @ Seminyak

The Made’s Warung outlet at Seminyak has a dance floor and live band. It was quite an experience dining amidst dancers spinning around on the dance floor. It made you want to get up to dance. The only problem is, I’m as stiff as a board. So there’s really no way I’d join them on the dance floor.

The ambience was exquisite and the food was good too! We had the thai green curry, Babi guling (roast pig) and pork ribs.


Kaiana Salon & Spa

W and I both did the “A Minty Affair” body scrub treatment at Kaiana. The masseuse were really good. They ensured that the pressure of the massage was to our liking. Although pricier than other spa salons, it was well worth it!

LV Spa

Before leaving for the airport, W and I did a final spa treatment. W did a 60 minute full body massage which he felt was really good, as he felt extremely light after. I did a 30 min feet massage and a manicure. Both the feet massage and manicure were done very well!!


Double Six Beach

When I was looking for beaches to check out along Seminyak, Double Six Beach was one of them. Reviews were mostly negative about how the sand is “black” and litter littered the sand. In my opinion, the reviews are partially accurate. The sand isn’t black, or dirty. It is probably volcanic sand. I didn’t quite catch the sunset I hoped as it was about to rain, but I did manage to watch the sky turn a nice gradient of orange, blue and grey before trotting off to find shelter.

Although, Awen did recommend La Plancha beach about a 5 minute walk down from Double Six Beach, which we didn’t get to check out, as I was too comfortable at Villa Nol to explore. Hahaha!

Once again, I enjoyed my vacation to Bali, and I’m looking forward to return again!

until my next adventure, xoxo