Hello there!

I’m Zenia (ZE-NIA). According to Google, my name originated from Greece where it was ‘Xenia’. By definition, my name commonly means hospitable and friendly. I am lover of fine aesthetics. I simply love nature and above all things, beaches – where all things seem to live in perfect harmony; the sun, sand and sea. It is just so serene.

I’m also an animal lover. I own a furry companion, Yuki and she is simply the cutest little white bunny ever (well, she’s actually not that little)! I have the best of both a cat and dog; loyal but yet such a loving diva. On the other end of the spectrum, I find sharks intriguing creatures of the deep.

I’m an aspiring marketeer and created a personal website to document my thoughts about travel and general adventures. It serves as an outlet to practice my writing and experiment with social media marketing. I hope in some way, my adventures would inspire!

I am contactable by email!